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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Mike’s Marketing Memo

This just in and I thought of you.

You are familiar with Groupon and the discount deals they offer. Good

You are also aware of the importance of relationship as you continue to build your business.

You are familiar with Andy Bailey’s successful River Cruise events he holds each Friday.

But who says your event has to be travel related? It doesn’t. Any time you can get a group of people together provides you with the opportunity to position yourself as a fun, sincere, genuine and caring human being. (The stuff that relationships are built on.)

I want you to begin thinking about how you can capture the attention and imagination of a small group of people. Since it will be your idea and your “party,” you will be in control and can orchestrate the evening accordingly. A good time will be had by all and you will have just greased the skids for future communications.

What triggered this thought was a wine tasting evening that appeared very affordable. Check it out.


Groupon Ad:



About Wines for Humanity

Wines for Humanity’s professional wine advisers lead in-home tastings that teach guests the finer points of a five-point wine-tasting technique, all while raising funds for local charities. As students sip several exclusive vintages, they learn to judge wines’ colors, aromas, and voting records, as well as pick out suitable food pairings. Before the tasting event, Wines for Humanity will bring glasses to the home while selected wines will be delivered by a local retailer and hosts are encouraged to prepare complementary cheese and crackers. Wines that are selected for tasting run at an average of $21 per bottle.

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