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The Mike Marchev Sales Project




1. Watch Video Intro.

2. Watch Video #6

3. Watch Special Interview Video

4. Do the Homework



I mentioned I would include my interview link I had with a travel agent who put together a hugely successful group onboard a Royal Caribbean ship a few years back. You will enjoy her candid remarks.


It is time to begin thinking about your article. Pick a topic you feel would be well received by your target audience.

Next, begin brainstorming a few possible attention-grabbing titles ... headlines.

Then, begin listing in bullet form the specific information you want to share. This will determine how many elements or bits of information will fill your article.


Topic: River Cruising

Headline: 7 Reasons Why A European River Cruise May Very-Well Be Your Next Family Vacation

Bulleted Framework: (Not in any order yet. This is your brainstorming effort.)

  • Food
  • Comfort
  • Education
  • History
  • Easy
  • Safety
  • Memories

Sample Opening Sentence: "A beach is a beach. All ocean views look the same. Today it is hard to tell one hotel room from another. But there is still one vacation option that stands out like a sore thumb, in a good way. In a very good way. I'm talking about taking a ride up or down a European river in first class luxury.

Marketing Tools

  1. Your "5-Reason" Document Example  CLICK HERE.
  2. My "5-Reason" Personal Example  CLICK HERE
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  4. Your Collaboration Graphic Example ... See Page two of 1-Sheet.  CLICK HERE
  5. Your Article Template Example CLICK HERE
  6. 11 Sales Mistakes   CLICK HERE
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  8. The 12-Word Marketing Plan  CLICK HERE
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