The Mike Marchev Sales Project: Week 6

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The Mike Marchev Sales Project




1. Watch Video Intro.

2. Watch Video #6

3. Watch Special Interview Video

4. Do the Homework



I mentioned I would include my interview link I had with a travel agent who put together a hugely successful group onboard a Royal Caribbean ship a few years back. You will enjoy her candid remarks.


It is time to begin thinking about your article. Pick a topic you feel would be well received by your target audience.

Next, begin brainstorming a few possible attention-grabbing titles … headlines.

Then, begin listing in bullet form the specific information you want to share. This will determine how many elements or bits of information will fill your article.


Topic: River Cruising

Headline: 7 Reasons Why A European River Cruise May Very-Well Be Your Next Family Vacation

Bulleted Framework: (Not in any order yet. This is your brainstorming effort.)

  • Food
  • Comfort
  • Education
  • History
  • Easy
  • Safety
  • Memories

Sample Opening Sentence: “A beach is a beach. All ocean views look the same. Today it is hard to tell one hotel room from another. But there is still one vacation option that stands out like a sore thumb, in a good way. In a very good way. I’m talking about taking a ride up or down a European river in first class luxury.

Marketing Tools

  1. Your “5-Reason” Document Example  CLICK HERE.
  2. My “5-Reason” Personal Example  CLICK HERE
  3. Your 1-Sheet Example  Front Page  CLICK HERE
  4. Your Collaboration Graphic Example … See Page two of 1-Sheet.  CLICK HERE
  5. Your Article Template Example CLICK HERE
  6. 11 Sales Mistakes   CLICK HERE
  7. Your Elevator Speech  CLICK HERE
  8. The 12-Word Marketing Plan  CLICK HERE
  9. Your Memory Jogger Prospect Helper CLICK HERE

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