Mike Marchev's Inner Circle Sales & Marketing Team

I recently came across this old Inner Circle promotional video and I see that the offer at the time was $99 dollars for a six-month subscription. Although membership is on a month-to-month basis I will provide you with two options  to choose from.

I recommend the six-month membership as this will give you enough time to properly evaluate the information, the motivation and the camaraderie that and you will experience from participating in my Inner Circle.

Whether  you select a single  month, or a six month period I'm sure you will soon recognize the value of membership in this group of proactive professionals and that we will be working together for many months to come.

CLICK ONE MONTH = $19.95                                         CLICK SIX MONTH = $99.00

Membership is based on your complete satisfaction and can be terminated at any time for any reason. (This won't happen.) You get immediate access to my complete Resource Center along with invitations to Bi-Monthly Sales Meetings, a link to our private FaceBook Group Page and a sincere invitation to contact me for personal advice regarding your sales and marketing projects.

You have very little to lose and a whole lot to gain. Go ahead. Click one of the buttons above right now to start benefitting from our relationship today.

Mike Marchev

"Joining your Inner Circle has been one of the best business decisions I have made in the last ten years. I can't tell you how much I enjoy and directly benefit from your sales meetings. Keep up the good work."  Mike Bogart

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