MikeMarketing Mistake #3

You Are Not Client Centered

by Mike Marchev


Most customers are getting tired of hearing companies chant the”CUSTOMER SERVICE MANTRA”. Based on my experiences in the marketplace, chances are pretty good that most companies are full of baloney.

There are a great number of organizations out there who still don’t know how to spell customer service, no less how to deliver it on a regular and consistent basis. DAMN FEW!

Allow me to clarify.

You might be good at it — servicing your clients —

Now and then, when you feel like it.

But how often is that?

Based on my experiences…. not often enough.

Customer service has nothing to do with “smile training” or reminding me to “have a nice day.” It is all about knowing which side of the bread the butter goes on and who makes your job possible.

It is coming to work living and breathing the fact that without paying customers you could stay in bed all day long with little consequence.

When a customer says jump, you say “how high?”

When a customer wants “2,” you deliver “2×2.” Get it?

If you wake up in the morning and the first thing out of your mouth does not sound like the sound “customer,” then you have some work to do.

I am often asked, “Mike, is the customer always right?” Of course not. The customer is often dead wrong.

But, the customer always, always, always is the customer. Until you decide otherwise.

Now, if you don’t particularly care about the customer, you can be right. Go ahead. Be right. Otherwise, work with the feelings and thoughts and buying habits of the customer. Until you hear otherwise, customers still make the world spin the way it does.

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