MikeMarketing Mistake #4

You have no marketing plan

by Mike Marchev


I don't want you to jump ship on this one. Very few people in business today have a marketing plan. Most well-intentioned folks have a "wing-it" plan.

They have a "we try harder" plan. They have an "I'm a nice person so I deserve success" plan, and they all call them Marketing Plans. No such luck!

The reason they don't have a plan is because in order to have a marketing plan, they must know what "marketing" is ... or means ... and how it works. They don't.

This does not make them bad people.

It does make them struggling people in need for some degree of direction.

Marketing consists of activities designed to get a targeted audience to know you ... like you... and trust you. The premise is simple. If I don't know you are alive, how can I decide to do business with you? If you don't do or say anything to get me to like you, you are dead in the water.

Trust as you know, takes time. So therefore, marketing must take time. It is a sequence of events, delivered over time with consistency, designed to interest you and gain your trust.

Time does not allow me to define the many ways this can be accomplished. You probably already are doing quite a few of these already.

My advice to you today is to keep doing what is working for you ...without exception and without growing lazy or tired of doing it.

Think about it!

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