2017 Sales Course For Travel Professionals

2017 Sales Course Agend

    • Establishing the "Marketing Success Mindset"
    • Finding or refining your niche
    • Building deep understanding of your ideal clients
    • Creating an Unstoppable USP
    • Creating an extra hour a day for marketing
    • Creating a Powerful "Lead Magnet" that will attract your ideal clientsPrioritizing which marketing strategies will work best for you
    • Resurrecting your old contacts and turning them into new leads
    • How to make face-to-face networking pay (even if you're not a natural networker)
    • How to get more website visitors
    • Make your website a "lead generating machine"
    • The latest Facebook Advertising Strategies for getting high value leads
    • Personal nurture strategies to build relationships with high value clients
    • How to get more email subscribers
    • How to sell (while adding value) using webinars



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