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Sales Letters


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Very Important: When you are ready to download the sample letters below, please understand the the PDF Format will immediately be visible. The DOC. Format needs to be downloaded to your computer. You then need to open the downloaded letter.

You need an audience before you can share your River Cruising information and recommendations. The size of the group does not matter. But you do need an audience.

One way to organize a group is to offer your program to clubs, associations, organizations, companies and internal subsets within each of these umbrella units. One way to begin listing potential groups is to utilize the Google feature on your computer. If you insert your zip code with a plus sign (+) and then a key word – like “associations,” you will be off and running toward building a meaningful starting point.

When I experimented with this, I wrote my zip code (33445) before writing the plus sign (+) and then the word “association” in the Google search box. (33445 + association) and I instantly received the following list of associations plus many more. When doing this you do not write the parenthesis( ).

Notice in many listings the address and phone number is prominently displayed. Although you could send these associations a letter with this information alone, you would be wise to call the phone number and ask who the president is or program administrator. The more personal you can make your initial inquiry the better your chances to receive a favorable result.

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Once you have a list of approximately 5 – 10 contacts, you can send your initial request letter. Here is a sample letter. PDF

Here is the same letter in a format you can easily edit. Click Here.


Most wanna-be sales professionals have no idea how things work. The key to a successful sales campaign is in the follow-up and follow-through. This is where Sales Letter #2 comes into play. With letters #1 & 2 you can now draft and edit your own letters. It may take as many as five letters, but who is counting and what’s your rush?

SUCCESS. Once you complete your presentation with a specific group, you immediately send your “thank-you” letter. This simple, common-sense courtesy will position you miles ahead of your competition.

Here is a sample letter in both formats.

PDF = Click Here

DOC (editable) – Click Here


In many instances your targeted club, association, organization or company will respectfully decline your offer to present your informational program. (A few may even be rude, but the sooner you learn this the sooner you can eliminate them from further contact.) This is their perogative and you should not think poorly of them for failing to schedule a meeting with you. You have professionally planted the seed of interest, and it is now your duty to keep the idea in play.

Doc. (Editable) Sample “reminder” letter.

PDF: Sample “reminder” letter.


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