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How To Sail The Leeward Islands

Captain Mike’s Take On Getting From

Here To There.

For many people sailing can be an intimidating sport thanks to the vernacular and nomenclature of the vessel and the mechanics bandied around by half-ass captains who think they have the right and the power to intimidate people who don’t know their ass from third base when it comes to departing from and returning safely to a harbor.

This series of videos have been produced to help crews understand the nuances of the sport in an attempt to make their next adventure more enjoyable and somewhat less than a disaster.


Setting The Anchoring: Making your boat “fast” whilst you sleep (or doing whatever it is you  do once the lights go out.)

  1. alg-blackbeard-ship-jpg

  2. Finding The Anchor And Getting It Back On The Boat




  1. Tacking:

  2. Running:

  3. Docking:

  4. Dingy Management:

  5. The “Sheets:”

  6. Terminology:

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