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Sales Course-5

Mike Marchev’s Six-Week Sales Course For Travel Professionals

Where has the time gone. We are on Module Six and this is the last one in the program. You know know a lot more than you did before you started this course. Now it is up to you to put what you have learned into motion. It is time for some action, and my money is on you.

More “Mindset” Educational Materials

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The Right Mindset

A successful business begins with a healthy mindset. It starts in your head. Attitude may not be everything but it is miles ahead of whatever is in second place.

This module’s Primary Message: You are playing on a level playing field. You have access to everything you need to meet your business objectives. The only thing that is holding you back is you. Once you realize that you are in business to help others make better travel-related decisions while adding to their memory bank you will begin putting the fun and accomplishment back into your efforts. Your future success in this or any other business begins with a healthy mindset.


1. What daily tasks seem to be wasting your time?

2.What negative ideas are you putting into your mind daily? STOP IT. Make up your mind right now to fill your head with positive input. You are a good, hard working well-intentioned individual trying to help others. There will never be a need to apologize.

3. Who do you want to hear “no” from? Who do you want to hear “yes” from. These should be the same people.

4. What marketing tactics are not working for you? What seems to be working?

5. Other than visibility, what is the biggest problem, issue, or concern you have at this stage in your business?

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Better – Neutral – Worse:  There are only three things that can result from a new introduction. Your strategy is to decide what outcome is most desirable and make it happen. You can make people feel better, neutral or worse having met you. Guess what strategy makes the most sense?

There are only three things that can result when you meet anybody for the first time. You are in position to influence the outcome. But you must have a plan and avoid casting your future relationships to the wind. Remember: Luck favors the prepared mind. Louis Pasteur first said it. I am quick to endorse it. The smarter you work, the luckier you will get.

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The 1.6% Rule: It is the little things … the small details that will position you as the #1 “go-to” source. Just a little bit better is all that is required. Be on the lookout for ways you can improve your daily performance … just a little.

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Email Marketing Tip: Ten more seconds can make all the difference in the world. Personalize your emails.  Think through your Subject Line. Address each email personally. All of them … from now on.

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For the next three weeks I am going to remind you of 15 Marketing Mistakesyou need to eliminate from your daily program. I will highlight one each day to give you ample time to focus, reflect and think about how you can avoid making these mistakes.

Selling Mistakes

Sales Mistake #1: Trying To Upsell 

Sales Mistake #2: Not Being Obsessed With People

Marketing Mistakes 1 & 2

1. You don’t know to whom you are marketing.

It is too easy to fall into the trap of simply hanging your shingle that reads “Open For Business.” Yes. Selling is a numbers game. Yes. There are millions of people who want and/or need your services. Yes. No matter what you do, some mud will stick now and then if you sling enough of it resulting in a few new business transactions. But if you don’t have all the time in the world, then it is far more prudent to focus on a tightly specified area of interest. Quite frankly, I don’t care what this focus involves or who it involves. I am simply reminding you that the tighter your focus, the more successful you will be in the long run. Know whom you want to do business with. Harley bikers? Bus groups for seasoned people? School trips? Golf outings? Sporting events? Small businesses? Large businesses? Trips to Italy? Cruises? Home-based businesses? Owners of one-eyed dogs? There are only four hundred million examples I could use. If you want a lesson in reality as it relates to interest groups, take a field trip to your local Barnes & Noble book emporium and walk the magazine rack. There is a magazine for virtually every hobby, trend or whim in the universe…. and there are hundreds of them…. and more on the way. As our planet continues to fill up with people, they tend to hang with people who exhibit similar tastes.These are the groups I am asking you to identify. Once you know who you are going to market to, your life becomes instantly more enjoyable. You will find that this is easier said than done. Most worthwhile things are.


2. You don’t know why your customers buy.

Let’s use an example to “drive” this point home. If I asked you what attributes you look for when shopping for an automobile, you would give me your buying criteria on the matter. These are your personal feelings as they relate to you – specifically. If I asked someone else what it is they look for when they shop for a car, chances are they would give me an entirely new set of “needs.” You may say “style.” While others might say “speed.” Another might be looking for “gas economy.” Another – “price.”. Another – “the sound system.” (Don’t laugh at this one. I once sold a car entirely based on the speakers strategically positioned behind the rear seats.) I think you get the idea. What you think from this day forward does not matter. What your prospects think is the only thing that does matter. Therefore, you must get into the habit of asking them what is on their mind. Once you get this information, you will be in for lots of new business.


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