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Mike Marchev's NEW Ebook in his "More-On Series" is now available at  It is just 99 cents and is packed with useful information.  


Featuring The Ten Rules of Selling you can take To the Bank.   



Listen to what others say about this results-oriented Ebook.

From Kathryn S. Tolliver...

Mike is refreshingly honest, telling it like it is. His 10 rules are pertinent and turn the idea of selling upside down - or is it really righting an upside down ship? Who doesn't want to help people and have fun while you make a good living in a field you're passionate about (in my case travel) without actually selling? He clearly relates that the sales profession can be exactly that kind of experience. This is a good read if you really are about helping your clients find what it is they want and helping them make the right decisions for them, not selling them on something.

From Belinda Stull...

This book is a quick-read, but don't let the size fool you. Every page is filled with practical and proven ideas to jump-start your sales efforts. Marchev shows you how to make selling fun and not stressful. A very motivating read!

From Joe Bye...

I found this book to be an easy read. The author points out much of the obvious that is sometimes forgotten or no longer practiced. It will cause the reader reflect and examine how they conduct themselves by presenting things in a different light. Well worth the time spent reading.

From Jack Deasy..

I picked up Mike's book (kindle version) yesterday and didn't put it down until I had finished it. It definetely is not your traditional sales / marketing "text", Mike shatters many of the past "rules" of selling and gives you a new fresh perspective on what makes a world class salesperson. I have read a number of Mike's other books on sales and selling, but the "more on" series I trhink will be his best yet. I know that the tips Mike puts forth through the book have already had a significant change in how I will appraoach my daily sales calls and routine.

From Arvid Olsen...

This book is an entertaining and to the point guide to what sales is all about. Most people have no clue. A good sales person is here to help people make the right buying decision not to sell them something they do not want. Mike outlines the best approach and ways to do this. This is definitely a must read.

From Linda Koenig...

This book was not only "fun" to read, it tells it like it is. The author, Mike Marchev is great. He's smart, honest, driven, and motivates me with so much of his knowledge. He writes and shares his own experiences that have made him successful in many ways.

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To prove to you that this is not just another Internet "trick" I am providing my website along with a link so you can connect the author to a voice. I wrote this Ebook knowing that you do not have a lot of time to invest.

It is on point and worth the effort if you are seriou about growing your business.

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