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The Mike Marchev Sales Project



  1. The “Flyer” Letter
  2. Service Provider Your 1-Sheet
  3. Your Explanation Involvement Diagram
  4. Five Reasons To Work With You
  5. Your Article Template





The “Fyer” Letter

Screenshot 2017-02-16 13.52.14

This is a “tool” designed to get your prospects and clients thinking about the possibilities. Since you have no real vested interest in whether they take you up on your idea or not, you have no reason to stress or become anxious. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The way you write this letter is by simply stating your idea and inviting a call-back should there be interest in discussing the possibilities.

It will work in your favor if you open with a “hook” or the name of a mutual acquaintance. The “hook” helps join you and your reader to a common familiarity.


CLICK HERE to download larger version of sample letter.



 The 1-Sheet


The 1-Sheet is a clean, concise document with defining information on both sides. Its purpose is to help position you as the go-to source for travel-related information, recommendations and management.

My front page lists my programs, my formats and my target audiences. It also has a brief personal bio.



HFS-1-sheet-back The back page has my collaboration graphic, a number of testimonials and a partial client list.

Your major sections might include your specialties, your personal bio and accomplishments, a list of testimonials from your better clients, a representative sample of your clients list and a clean and clear photo of yourself.

I strongly recommend that after you gather all of this information you have a professional and well-respected graphic artist put it together for you. It is worth your investment as this single document represents you on paper.



 5 Reasons Doc.




This tool is designed to answer the question, “Why should I do business with you?”

On a single side of a one page document you clearly and succinctly outline five customer-directed personal traits that will put your prospect at ease. They will immediately feel  better about your soft-side qualifications and your chances for establishing a meaningful business relationship will be enhanced.

 The Article

article markup

The written if designed properly can work for you for many years to come. For some, the written word comes easily. For others it can become a tremendous source of stress. It simply doesn’t have to be that hard. Let’s take a look at the elements.

The marked-up article on the left shows seven individual elements.

1. The upper banner introduces the theme. This element is optional.

2. The author and the author’s photo should be prominently displayed somewhere on the article. In this case it is in the upper right.

3. A high definition photo helps draw attention to your article and can get the reader in the right frame of mind.

4. The headline is perhaps the most important element. Notice I like to use numbers in the headline. In this case I used the number nine. This could have been a number three,  five or seven depending on how much information I wanted to share.

5. The opening paragraph is also very important in that it entices the reader to move on. One or two sentences is all that is required in this opening paragraph.

6. The featured tips, reminders, steps, or individual points of interest all start with a subhead and are lightly embellished in the text that follows. Don’t make this harder than it has to be. Write like you speak.

7. The signature box’s position at the end of the article once again list your name and contact information. You want to be sure to include a call to action (CTA) so you can add interested readers to your follow-up database.

As previously mentioned if written properly the single article can serve your prospecting needs for many years.

To fill a page with limited text you can adjust the font size, the size of the photo and the height and width of your headline. I also expand the margins if necessary to keep the article looking attractive and inviting.

You can click on the photograph to download an enlarged copy of the article.


The Collaboration Graphic

Screenshot 2017-02-16 20.00.44



The collaboration graphic clearly shows your prospects and clients the relationship and teamwork between you and your clients.

Using arrows to depict flow is important. Using two colors to differentiate between you and your client is just as important.

The first two arrows displays actions originating from them. The third row lists all the contributions you make to the relationship.

The final area shows the positive results from the effective collaboration.

You can try to explain your involvement but it will never prove to be as effective as a simple graphic like this four-arrow model.


  1. Autoresponders
  2. Audio Recorder
  3. Postcard Printer
  4. Presentation Graphics

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