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You Did Not Invent The Rut.

It will be your emotional intelligence that will see you through the lows in your life. If you want me to get all fancy-shmancy you can refer to it as your EIQ. (Emotional Intelligence Quotient.) Yes, I can toss around some big words too.

We all have lows for one of a million reasons. Most of us get through them in a reasonable semblance of good health and well-being in a timely fashion. Others however, fail to see these low points for what they are … learning experiences and very much a part of life.

Remember this: You did not invent “the funk” and you will experience “ruts” until you saddle up for the last time and ride off into the sunset.  Yes, I can toss in a little poetic imagery from time to time.

Listen to me. You did not invent the rut.

Less than 4 minutes: 

1. Sometimes we just don’t feel like it.

2. You can’t stay “down” too long.

3. Call a trusted “upbeat” friend. (Not a bummer.)

Yes, I can use a little poetic license when the urge hits me.

4. Understand that you are in good company when you feel like this.

5. Your negative feelings are just temporary.

6. In time you will be back in the game.

7. Onward and upward!

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