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(a professional, online 6-Week Sales Course)



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Duration: This is a thorough six-week course ... recorded so the information can be internalized on your personal time schedule.

Content: It contains proven and meaningful strategies designed for immediate results. (The meek and/or the timid need not apply. This course focuses on results.)

Objective: Make more money by design while building your prospect list.

Instructor: Mike Marchev, MBA, CTC .... a seasoned and experienced sales professional with industry credentials coupled to a successful track record.

Fee: $449. Paid in two installments. ($299 at time of registration. The balance of $150 is due at the conclusion of the course … based on your complete satisfaction.

Guarantee: The entire fee will be refunded with no questions asked if you are not completely satisfied with the quality and thoroughness of the instruction.

Register For Mike’s April Class Now.


Session One: Establishing the correct Mindset. (Attitude Adjustment) This is where you will begin building a successful business or commence to start spinning your wheels in frustration.

Session Two: Identifying a profitable Niche Market. (Focusing on strengths) Try as you might, you can't be all things to all people. The sooner you come to terms with this the sooner you will become profitable.

Session Three: Establishing a working relationship with your Target Market. You can't hit a target that you don't know exists. Once you know where you are aiming, the rest is academic.

Session Four: Developing a consistent Marketing Message. You have to first gain my attention. Then you must tell me something I can relate with and determine it is in my best interest. Then you must tell me again.

Session Five: Moving Leads Through Your Marketing Funnel (Lead Generation) You will soon learn that the name of the game is "leads." This is where the fun starts and your creative juices kick in.

Session Six: Putting it all together with a series of Action Steps. If you want something different to happen you have to do something different. You will learn no fewer than 16 ideas and strategies to help you achieve your sales objectives.

And, I am approachable and ready to help you if and when you need some motivation.

"I know I have taken your time unfairly :-), it's your fault, though:-)--you are able to connect with people on a personal level and make them feel as if you were an old friend to whom they can come in the time of need.  It is a gift which (I think) made you choose what you do and become who you are now :-).  Thank you for that gift!"



Register For Mike’s April Class Now.

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Travel agents have been benefitting from Mike Marchev’s business-building strategies and processes since 1984. A recent article in Inc. Magazine credits him for growing a small family-owned agency to 700 million dollars. (Article available upon request. 2016)

He understands your challenges and has developed the skill to share important information in an entertaining fashion without appearing professorial. A regular contributor for Travel Research Online E-zine, Mike is a popular presenter at industry conferences and has written a number of books including Become The Exception, More-On Marketing, Gearing Up For a Better You and How To Capture More River Cruise Business. Mike has shared his ideas with audiences in 19 countries, on 15 cruise ships and on two river cruise vessels.

His sales classes are limited to insure that each agent receives the necessary attention and that all issues, questions and concerns are appropriately addressed.

Register For Mike’s April Class Now.

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