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Audio Clips-2014

Mike Marchev

Mike Marchev’s 

Get New Travel Business Tips

The “Kaizen” Method For Building Your Business By Focusing On

Incremental Improvement

The word “Kaizen” means “incremental improvement,” and that is what this series of short, concise audio soundbites is all about.

Choose a single clip every day and see how effective you can become over a short period of time.

Building a business is not easy, but I assure you that it is mort as hard as you are making it. Spend some time listening to, and thinking about my “on-the-money”  suggestions and recommendations. They will work for you.


  1. How Do You Feel About Your Progress Right Now?

  2. The Absolute Necessity of Making a Difference

  3. Email Mechanics: The All-Important Subject Line

  4. It Is Easy. All You Have To Do Is To Work Half 1/2 a Day

  5. Your Hobby? Or a Business?

  6. Answer Your Phone

  7. Cold Calling – The Hook

  8. Hooks

  9. Are you making a difference?

  10. Promoting as a generalist

  11. Be The Best At What You Do

  12. A Whack In The Head

  13. Marketing Your Business

  14. Three Things You Don’t Do Enough Of.

  15. Communication Errors

  16. Fees

  17. Rekindle F/U

  18. Thank You

  19. Eye Contact

  20. Keep It Simple

  21. Read More

  22. Develop Your A List

  23. Last Impressions Are Lasting

  24. Target your prospects

  25. Show more appreciation

  26. Practice persistence the role of seven

  27. Winning by a nose

  28. You were great strategy BNW

  29. Speed wins

  30. Visibility

  31. Send flyer letters

  32. Ask!

  33. Become bulletproof

  34. Get into position

  35. Make contact

  36. Follow Up

  37. Have fun

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