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MikeMarketing Mistake #9

You fail to connect with your prospects and customers sufficiently often

by Mike Marchev

Check it out!
We are back to The Rule of 7.
No harm. Repetition is the key to learning.
Again. Contacting your prospects seven times over an 18-month period. That’s the key.

Why You MUST Follow-Up With Your Customers/Leads!
Did you know that the average consumer needs to hear a commercial 17 TIMES before making a “buying” decision. Yet, so many adroit marketers miss the boat when it comes to follow-up.

Even I have been guilty of not following up with leads or staying in constant contact with my customers. It is SO critical that you keep in contact with your customers, and follow up with your leads.

For instance, if you’re capturing people’s email addresses when they visit your web site, what are you planning to do with those emails. Keep in mind, these are people that have raised their hand, and expressed an interest in your service.

For you NOT to follow up on those leads via email would be a CRIME! You could send them weekly or monthly tips about their particular interest. You could have a free recorded message for people who are not on the web, and offer them a free report by snail mail, etc.

The bottom line is to always give your customers/leads, EVERY available option to get information from you. Remember, don’t think that just because you’ve emailed or snail mailed them once or twice, that they’re not interested in what you have to offer. Keep in mind that people are VERY busy, and they’re NOT sitting around the house waiting for something from you! This is why follow-up is SO critical.

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