Mike Marchev’s Monthly Training Course

MikeTASSFor Less Than $20.00 You Can Participate In The Travel Industry’s First “College-Format” Business Building Training Course. 

Your Professor: Mike Marchev, MBA

 Course Begins July, 2014 With Module 1: Lessons 1-10

By college I do not mean professorial. I mean straight ahead advice. No BS. Solid, meaningufl information. Direct from me to you. You want “pretty?” Buy a copy of People Magazine. You want information that will help your eating habits? Invest in this training. (For one month.)

Ten topical training videos are presented each month in a fashion designed to entertain, educate and motivate travel practitioners who have a committed interest in building a profitable business.  They are all meaningful and produced with you in mind. They are void of  fluff, hype or thoughtless opinions. They are all short, on-point, focused and somewhat entertaining. (Unlike many college courses, this WILL NOT be like pulling teeth.)

Each lesson is delivered in a conversational style that is easy to understand filled with information that will make sense to you. Each video comes with a topical worksheet to help internalize each specific message.

You  must prove to yourself that this method of training is of personal value.  You can then opt-in to receive Module #2. Wait and see. Evaluate my information.

You will be billed as long as you find value in each month’s Business-Building Training Lesson. No long-term commitment. Your satisfaction determines your ongoing course enrollment. Simple. Honest. Clear.

Challenge yourself.  Try the first ten videos in Module 1 for only $19.95.  Decide for yourself if this training course makes sense to you. (And yes, you can share each lesson with your staff for no additional fee.)

Stop procrastinating. Decide right now to “test-drive” my NEW and incredibly effective Travel Industry Business Building Training Course. CLICK HERE.

Mike Marchev: mike@mikemarchev.com

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