Screen shot 2012-10-19 at 10.35.00 AM"Does a Career In The Travel Industry Make Sense Today? "

My Name Is Mike Marchev, and I say "Yes."

Date: Thursday 8:30 am

Why is participation in an organized group important? The competition in the travel industry is intense with multiple options when purchasing travel-related services and products. There simply are too many variations and the accompanying frustrations are becoming more the norm. It is becoming less fun and more of a daily grind.

Add to the uncertainty the growing lack of customer loyalty and a deminishing commission structure and it is no wonder more and more travel agents are questionning their commitment to the profession.

There is good news ladies and gentlemen, and it is coming in the form of organized collaboration. When a group of like-minded, fun-loving, hard-working and reality-based people come together, you can bet your bottom dollar that a bunch of good thgings are about to unfold.

The Inner-Circle

As a home-based self-employed entrepreneur for nearly 30 years I know better than most the ups and downs of sustaining a healthy business. Skills alone won't do it. Personality alone won't do it. Attitude alone won't do it. It is the combination of all three coupled with a genuine and sincere comittment to one's individual success that makes working in any industry worth while. It just so happens, that the travel industry remians head and shoulders above the other choices. All we have to do ... is make it work.

The Sales & Marketing Club, known as The Inner Circle is designed and managed to serve the needs of its members in an ongoing effort to bring fun and profit back into the game. It is facilitated by a street-savy entrepreneur and offers reality-based solutions. Those who actively particiapte benefit from the relationship.

Module 1:
Two Live Sales Meeting Each Month (Recorded)

These organized sessions are scheduled twice a month and are as motivational as hey are instructional. Sales can be a lonely and frustrating game and it is with regularly scheduled sales meetings that the energy, ideas, strategies and creativity required to successfully build a sales career are discussed. Topcs include, but are not limited to:

  • How to benefit from social networking
  • Selecting the right marketing strategy based on your personal constraints
  • Understanding and internalizing exactly how the selling process works
  • Learning about new tools while recognizing the importance of leveraging basic principles

On weeks where a sales meeting is not schedule, you have the option to attend ... Open-Mic Sessions

Module 2:
Two "Open-Mic" Conference Calls Each Month (Recorded)

On alternate weeks, scheduled and promoted beforehand, members are given the opportunity to attend live "Open-Mic" conference calls where they can voice their personal issues, concerns or challenges seeking input from the group. An example of a few topics addressed in the past include:

  • Hiring part-time help
  • How to compensate outside sales personnel
  • How to attract a specific category of prospect
  • How to use blogs and social outlets to full advantage

Module 3:
Members-Only Web Site Resource Center

The amount of information available on the members-only website is hard to comprehend. The majority of information Mike Marchev has amassed over the past 25 years has been reviewed and upoloaded to this private area. This is where all recorded meetings are stored for review on demand. In addition there are hundreds of training resources available when the members find a moment to enhance their professionalism. These tools include:

  • Audios
  • Videos
  • Documents, Articles and Templates
  • Special Reports
  • How To programs

More information is being uploaded weekly.

Module 4:

Members-Only Facebook Group Page  

To ignore the powers and benefits of Facebook would be naive. We have built a members-only Facebook Group Page where partikcipants can share with each other ideas, articles, websites  and experiences with each other. This is also the ideal place to seek recommendations and opinions from other members on any particular subject.

  • Seeking advice
  • Sharing both successes and failures
  • Recommending suppliers
  • Communicating with the entire group

This is an area of the club that is being developed each day and soon will become a major feature for members.

Module 5:
Email Access To a Sales & Marketing Specialist

This just maybe the best reason to join the Inner Circle. Mike Marchev is available to discuss any and all topics that you are having a problem with. He answers his emails promptly and if the situation warrants a phone call, he is quick to schedule such a call at no additional cost to members. He also is happy to review (edit) memeber documents, letters, emails and proposals. It is like having a marketing specialist on your payroll ... on call.


Here's Everything You'll Get Instantly,
As Soon As You Join The Inner Circle.

5 Membership Modules
Module 1: Two Monthly Sales Meetings
Recorded for future review
Module 2: Two Monthly "Open-Mic" Sessions
To address personal concerns
Module 3: Members-Only Website
A Resource Center For Ongoing Training
Module 4: A Members-Only Facebook Group Page
Where members collaborate daily
Module 5: Personal Email Access To Mike $125
Real Life Total Monthly Value:
$349 /month

Thanks to club-based efficiencies:

Just $19.95

Just $19.95

YES! I want these benefits to help boost my business.

  • I understand I will be billed $19.95 today to receive immediate access to the The Inner Circle membership site and begin all the benefits of membership.
  • Based on my ongoing satisfaction I will billed an additional $19.95 monthly until I decide to opt out of the club. No questions will be asked.

Join Now: Just $19.95[/papertemplate-button]

Based on your ongoing monthly satisfaction.
"No Questions Asked." You must receive value by your definition.

Try a membership for 30-days. Then decide for yourself if you want to continue with Mike Marchev's help.

But I'm confident you'll stay in, you'll implement our systems, and you'll send us a testimonial telling us how much more you've accomplished after finding us and taking our training.

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