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Special River Cruise Webinar


with Mike Marchev and Special Guest

Kathie DeVincenzo from AmaWaterways

Your Step-By-Step Action Plan

  1. Decide that you want to make river cruising your #1 source of income.
  2. Schedule a meeting with your favorite river cruise company BDM.
  3. Tell them you are sick of the treadmill and you want to make some real money.
  4. Investigate a meeting venue (restaurant, civic club, church basement, library meeting room.
  5. Pick a meeting date.
  6. Promote your meeting (See the sample ad in the video)
  7. Don’t get nervous. You are going to have fun meeting people spreading the good word.
  8. Prepare with your BDM a 20-minute slide show presentation. (Follow with Q&A session)
  9. Study the material at www.moreonseries,com/rivercruising
  10. It is showtime. Have a blast. Be the hottest with the mostest.
  11. You might want to offer light refreshments … coffee and scones. (Bake them yourself)
  12. Follow up with each and every attendee thanking them for coming. Offer future guidance.
  13. Email me to tell me how much fun it was and tell me how many cabins you booked.

Join AmaWaterways’ Agent Portal at

There is a wealth of information waiting for you there … and it is free.

Put on your “Things To Do List” an AmaWaterways Fam trip.

That single career move will help you make more money than anything else you can do. See it. Touch it. Feel it. Experience it. Love it. Sell it.


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