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Listen to Mike:  

Following your presentation you will invite the audience to ask questions. Chances are, depending on the personality and experience of the group, you will not get any questions immediately. In this case, you might want to “grease the skids” by asking a few obvious questions. You can kick off the Q & A period by saying:

“Let me begin by addressing a few questions I get most often. Then, one at a time, you ask and answer the questions.

By that time, the group will feel more comfortable and they will begin firing their questions at you freely.

Here are a few questions that will have you thinking right. Take the time prior to your presentation to familiarize yourself with these questions along with the suggested responses. Make a point to document all of the questions that are actually asked following each presentation as these will most likely be recurring questions in the future.

Click Here to download a PDF File with Questions and their Answers.



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