The Mike Marchev Sales Project: Week 7

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The Mike Marchev Sales Project

Week 7: Better Communications

 Complete Module 7 (Better Communications) in Four Steps:

1. Watch Video 1

2. Read the PDF

3. Watch Video 2 (The Workshop)

4. Do the Homework


The following letter is meant to stimulate your creative juices. Edit, add, delete and use as you deem necessary. The bottom line is to let your prospects know you are alive, qualified and eager to help them enjoy their best vacation … ever.




For many people, planning, scheduling, and budgeting their family vacation can become a stressful crapshoot. What begins as a fun idea can soon becomes a full-fledged headache. I won’t even mention the uncertainty and “agita” that accompanies vacation-directed Google searches. (Does anybody believe anything they see these days?)

That’s where I can help.

As a well-traveled and full-time trip management specialist I appreciate the time-consuming decisions you are faced with when beginning to think about your next family vacation. I can help you dot all the I’s and cross the t’s. You will particularly appreciate my numbered checklists and my detailed vacation quality control system, as I virtually can guarantee that all pertinent aspects of your vacation will be addressed.

Here are my qualifications:

A college degree in English has appropriately prepared me for the detail work, negotiations and unwritten assumptions when working with suppliers. In addition I have been actively involved in the travel industry since 1984 and have prepared over 235 detailed travel itineraries for clients consisting of both land and sea packages. My list of preferred suppliers has grown over the years but still consists of just meaningful relationships. My list of repeat clients is testimony to my positive track record.

I am a Certified Travel Professional (CTP) and have earned specialist status in River Cruising, Italy and Disney.

Now I’d like to help you plan, create and manage your next vacation. Call me when you are ready to begin investigating the many possibilities 888-555-5555.

I’d be delighted to send you a complimentary Pre-Trip Planning Package consisting of a number of questions and templates designed to make your next vacation unfold exactly as planned. The package includes testimonials from my satisfied client list along with an easy to fill out reply card should you choose this method of return communication.

I sincerely hope to be working with you and your family soon.

Mike Marchev

PS. Return the enclosed reply card today and I will send your Vacation Planning Kit at once along with a special report titled “How To Pack … So You Don’t Break Your Back.”



Here are a few tips on writing your first article:

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