Interview With Anthony I

My Interview With Author, Speaker & Coach

Anthony Iannarino

Made Possible By Our Friends At  AmaWaterways

June’s 3rd Thursday Business-Building Session was recorded on Saturday, June 17th due to schedule conflicts. You are sure to enjoy this candid discussion with sales-pro Anthony Iannarino. My questions follow the recording.

Anthony Iannarino Interview with Mike Marchev (Sat, June 17 at 9 am eastern)

I open the call by reflecting back to my teaching days at FDU in Madison and share a sales-related lesson.  Message: Sales has a poor reputation.

1. Why do you feel that sales has such a bad reputation? Do you?

I then shared my Jill Konrath story and quote. “The good ones do.”

2. Anthony, what three things need doing to become successful?

 I refrain from referring to closing. Up-selling and overcoming objections.

I replace with opening, selling right and addressing concerns.

3. What are your thoughts on the above elements of the sales process?

4.  Where does cold calling fit in today’s sales process … if at all?

5. Anthony, you refer to simple routine maintenance in your book.. Can you expand on this?

6. When is it time to quit on a prospect? To take them off your hit list.

7. When there is no deal-making in motion, how does one (to use your words) nurture the relationship?

8. You talk about making goals and making a Discipline List? What do you mean by that?

9. Sales professionals find themselves juggling many balls yet you seem to downplay Multi-tasking. So do I. Can you explain why you feel that way?

10. Added Value is the new buzz term. In a price sensitive marketplace how can one meaningfully add value in a service business?

11. Other than yours, what book would you suggest today’s listeners get their hands on as fast as they can?

12. How can a small or home-based entrepreneur differentiate themselves from the competition?

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