MikeSales Mistake #5: Seeing the prospect as an adversary.

   By Mike Marchev

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Biting the hand that feeds you makes no sense. It never has…and it never will. Treating customers as enemies is dumb. Don’t be dumb.


As bizarre as this sounds, a “me against you” selling mentality is often the case.  Sales shouldn’t, and cannot happen this way.


How can anyone think negatively about the hand that feeds them? Prospects will only become customers if treated properly. Customers pay your bills and are responsible for feeding your family. No customers ………. no business. So here is a clever idea, let’s bad mouth our customers and show them what a lousy attitude looks and sounds like every opportunity we get. (I hate this phrase, but it seems to fit perfectly right about now.)  HELLOOOWWW!!!!!!!!


Can someone tell me what’s wrong with this line of thinking?


Let’s get something clear. Prospects, having passed from the suspect stage, are good things. Talk to them as if they were good things. Treat them with respect as if they were good things. Behave in public as if they were good things. THEY ARE GOOD THINGS.

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