Short, on-target reminders to help you become exceptional at what you do. Keep checking back. This list will continue to grow.

  1. Five Clicks To More Fun and Profit in the Travel Industry
  2. Five Words For New-Found Success In Travel
  3. 6-Tips To Help Make Your Travel Business Pop
  4. Marketing Works… If You Do
  5. Elephants Don’t Bite: The Devil Is In The Details
  6. The Travel Institute Friday Five (River Cruising)
  7. Five Home-Based Mistakes  NEW

Travel Research Online Series

  1. Likeability: People do business with people they like
  2. Reciprocity: If you like me … I like you.


Client interviews will be placed here for you to use as testimonials which will help sell your next river cruise. These audio links will be unedited and will share true experiences and memories with your prospects. The first interview recorded my personal feelings after my first river cruise.

  1. The Stuart Cohen Radio Show With Kristin Karst
  2. Fresh off a Danube Cruise, Mike interviews another happy River Cruiser.

Instructional “How-To” Webinars will be positioned here for your review. In most cases, these will be recorded PowerPoint Presentations coupled with an audio sound track.

  1. Selling River Cruises In a Box
  1. Sales Mistake #1: Trying To Up-Sell
  2. Sales Mistake #2: Not being obsessed with helping people
  3. Sales Mistake #3: Not listening to the prospect …is a mistake
  4. Sales Mistake #4: Not empathizing with the prospect
  5. Sales Mistake #5: Seeing the prospect as an adversary
  6. Sales Mistake #6: Becoming distracted
  7. Sales Mistake #7: Not taking detailed notes
  8. Sales Mistake #8: Failing to follow through
  9. Sales Mistake #9: Focus
  10. Sales Mistake #10: Not planning the day efficiently

Mistake #1: You don’t know to whom you are marketing
Mistake #2: You don’t know why your customers buy
Mistake #3: You are not client centered
Mistake #4: You have no marketing plan
Mistake #5: You are not persistent.

Mistake #6: You expect the prospect to do too much work.
Mistake #7: You don’t ask for the business
Mistake #8: You are boring people
Mistake #9: You fail to connect with your clients and prospects sufficiently often
Mistake #10: You let past customers and prospects get away


Effective and appreciated sales expertise does not come by accident. Stop by this section often to enhance your personal professionalism while learning from Mike’s 25 plus years in the business.

  1. Sales Tip: Proper Eye Contact Infers Confidence
  2. Repetition Works. Just Don’t Become Obnoxious
  3. Speed Wins
  4. Selling Tip Postcards

You can’t know too much about your subject matter. This section was designed to share interesting and important information as it pertains to each individual river. Small bites of information in an easy-to-remember writing style. This information will be added regularly. Stay tuned.

  1. Danube
  2. Mosel (NEW)
  3. Rhone (NEW)
  4. Rhine (NEW)
  5. Seine
  6. Douro
  7. Maine

1. Listening Matters
2. Dirty Rotten Rebating
3. Squiggles
4. FaceBook Bafflers
5. Boat Trailers & Consulting
6. Credentials and Old Guys
7. Mentors and Email Mashups
8. Article Marketing
9. Old Dogs; New Tricks


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