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MikeFinally, a travel industry webinar worth attending.


April 2nd at 4 pm Eastern. With Mike Marchev.

Mark your calendars now.

If you are not already fed up with all the free fluff and meaningless hype being promoted around the industry today, you will be. You are probably ready for some information coupled with a believable “action plan” that will actually help you.

webinarThis is a webinar worth your time … worth your attention … worth your focus
… and worth watching and internalizing.

And yes, it will cost you. $20. (I’m not free … and you should not be free.)

Someone once said, “You get what you pay for.” And nobody knows this better than someone who spends their working hours in the travel industry. You want cheap? You get cheap.

$20 is a modest investment to learn exactly how easy it is to distance yourself from your competition. Join me on April 2nd and I will show you how to do it.





Mike Marchev will clearly:
 Teach you how to position yourself above your competition … in a category of your own
 How to use Kindle and Amazon to your advantage easily and effectively
 How to put your knowledge on paper making you instantly more credible
 How to honestly place the title “travel author” after your name
 How to write a meaningful customer-focused Ebook
 How to promote “free” Ebooks to build your database
 How to use an “article template” to enhance your professionalism and make your writing easy

And perhaps most important of all, you will learn how to charge higher fees by being more valuable to your clients.

This webinar may not be for everybody. But it definitely is for those wanting to build their businesses the fun, fast and profitable way. For those who know Mike Marchev, you know you are in for a good time.

You can register for this webinar by Clicking Here right now.

This webinar will be recorded so if you register and can’t attend the live program on April 2nd, you will receive a link to the session as soon as it is uploaded for future viewing.

Mike Marchev   mike@mikemarchev.com    www.mikemarchev.com


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