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#6: Answer The Phone!

I am sad to say that the world does not necessarily operate on your schedule. I am also here to remind you that making a living today and running a business is not as easy as some books make it out to be.  Here is a novel idea. When somebody wants to talk to you, make yourself available. The window of opportunity may not stay open for long. (Talk to me)

Key Points:

  1. The world is operating on its own schedule … not yours.
  2. News shows begin at 4:30 am. (Huh?)
  3. Traffic jams begin before sun up. (Huh?)
  4. When an opportunity presents itself it is in your best interest to pay attention.
  5. When your phone rings, answer it.
  6. When your phone rings, answer it like you are happy somebody has thought of you.


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