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Travel Leaders Int. Conference



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WHAT A GREAT CONFERENCE! What a great group of travel professionals.

A special “shout-out” goes to all of you who showed genuine interest in my ailing back on Thursday during both morning Power Sessions. My animated antics were limited to the sitting position, and I truly appreciate your understanding. (Maybe that was the good news?) My legs and arms are back to full usefulness. Hallelujah!

I enjoyed our brief time together in Orlando. The fact that you took the time and made the investment to attend this educational opportunity speaks volumes as to your professionalism.

Here is the supportive information I referenced during our sessions. Since repetition is the key to learning, I hope you find time to review each program while focusing on the messages. NEWS FLASH! This stuff works.

You came. You listened. You learned. Now it is time to “do.”

8 Mental Buying Triggers

Mental Trigger Explanation: CLICK HERE


  1. Authority:

  2. Reciprocity:

  3. Trust:

  4. Anticipation:

  5. Likability:

  6. Community:

  7. Scarcity:

  8. Social Proof:

Business Mistakes

Business Mistakes To Avoid: CLICK HERE

  1. You don’t know to whom you are marketing.
  2. You don’t know why customers buy.
  3. You are not client centered.
  4. You don’t plan.
  5. You are not persistent.
  6. You expect too much from your prospect.
  7. You are boring people.
  8. You don’t ask for the business.
  9. You fail to connect often enough.
  10. You don’t sell what is “right” for your client.
  11. You are not ready to sell.
  12. You think like an order taker.
  13. You don’t use “what-next” thinking.
  14. You give up and quit too soon.
  15. You let past customers slip away.


Presenting Yourself Professionally

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  1. Select a topic
  2. Draft a manuscript (24 pages minimum)
  3. Design an attractive cover
  4. Register at Create Space  (
  5. Fill in introductory information
  6. Upload your manuscript
  7. Wait for approval and make appropriate edits
  8. Order review copy
  9. Order copies for distribution

CLICK HERE to watch a youtube video on the subject.


Selling Strategies


16 Selling Strategies: CLICK HERE.

  1. Maintain relationships (Current Customers)
  2. Dance with who brought you (Former Clients)
  3. Influential power (Suppliers)
  4. Blitz your territory (Mini-Blitz)
  5. Less is more (Postcards)
  6. The Marketing 2-step (Raise Your Hand)
  7. Promotional reminders (Newspaper Clippings)
  8. Everyone loves applause  (Public Recognition)
  9. Go back to school (Guest Teacher)
  10. Success at last (Success Letters)
  11. The pen is my mightier than the sword (Articles)
  12. You don’t say (Fillers)
  13. Don’t sell the telephone short (Teleconferences)
  14. Read all about it (Press Releases)
  15. 2+2 = 5 (Teamwork)
  16. The Answers: (Q&A Column)


Two Special Invitations

Mike Marchev
Mike Marchev

Join My Inner Circle: This is the fifth year of my Sales & Marketing Club and the majority of members have been members for all five years. This is testimony as to its effectiveness. I am inviting you to “try” it for 30 days for just $19.95.

See for yourself if our two monthly sales meetings coupled with the extensive resource library is something that can help you grow your business. There is no long term commitment. Try it for just 30 days. CLICK HERE.

Come Cruise With Me. CRUISE #5 is casting off on March 11, 2018.

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MIKE MARCHEV –  848.702.1009  *

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