Image 1-6-16 at 12.12 PMOpen "Mic" With Mike

(Excerpt from Inner Circle Meeting, 2012.)




      1. Send me an email:
      2. Fail faster. It is your quickest way to success.
      3. Be authentic. Be real. Be you.
      4. People have a tendency to believe what they read.
      5. Live by The Rule of 12. (Visibility without becoming obnoxious.)
      6. Kaizen: Incremental improvement. (Clean out your sock draw one pair at a time.)
      7. Do now, before you panic later.
      8. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.
      9. Change your words. Change your world.  Youtube video … below.
      10. TGIT! Thank Goodness It’s Today.
      11. Send me your “commandments.”

Change Your Words - Change Your World

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