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Sample Presentation Script



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A Sample Presentation Script

In this section I want you to become more comfortable with the information that you might want to share with your audience. Listen to my audio while reading the script. Do it more than once and you will begin internalizing the message as your own. As in any skill, repetition is the key. [I want you to listen to each recording five times minimum.]

KEY WORDS: Scenic; gentle; comfort; views; castles; excursions; convenience

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KEY WORDS: Unpack once; stylish staterooms; relaxation; balconies

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KEY WORDS: Walking; markets; museums; local culture; guided excursions

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KEY WORDS: Old cities; scenic waterways; rolling vinyards; tucked away villages

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KEY WORDS: Convenience; small tours; intimate meals; five-star service; value; complimentary wine/beer at dinner; bicycles; free internet; cultural entertainment

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KEY WORDS: Smooth; relaxing; pampered; live music; unforgetable scenery

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If asked the question, “Have you ever taken a River Cruise, you must answer immediately and honestly.

ANSWER: ” No I haven’t but the thirty couples I have interviewed for this presentation have and they  all say the same thing INCREDIBLE. Why don’t  you and I both put it on our bucket list right now.”


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