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Sales Mistake #4: Not empathizing with the prospect


You must manage to see your offer from the eyes of your prospects/customers. This is known as empathy. Being empathetic is easier said than done.

When you want a distinctive edge, start envisioning the world from your customer’s side of the table. Popularly known as empathy, seeing things through your customer’s eyes is a pretty intelligent way of operating your business.  This is worth rephrasing…no one really cares what you think.  Once you can tie your point of view to your customer’s primary interest, fears and concerns, you will be well on your way toward establishing a working relationship.

The next time you begin your sales presentation, pause and reflect on the person you are speaking with. Think about what is important to them. Think about their current working environment…the problems they might be dealing with. Only true pro’s practice this pre-call meditation.  Adopt this practice and you too will soon be enjoying the fruits of your labors…by ten fold.