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How To Sell River Cruises

Indispensible Selling Tools From AmaWaterways

and Mike Marchev

I am very excited to provide you with this strategy … and to piggy-back on one of the most profitable travel opportuniites available today … River Cruising.

Before moving forward, allow me to introduce myself along with the strategy in this very short video.

NOTE: When I closed the above video saying, “I’ll see you on the first module,” I should have simply pointed you toward the individual links on the top and bottom of each page. There you will learn about the sales letter, the handout, the presentation, questions & answers, rivers, cities and a script to internalize before editing my words to fit your personalized presentation and style of delivery. You will also find a few videos included to enhance your professional selling skills.

This strategy is all about YOU taking full advantage of the benefits attached to the wonderful new segment of our industry … River Cruising.

Take time to “understand” the method behind this sales strategy before digging into the mechanics of implementing your own program. Be patient. It will work for you.

WHY RIVER CRUISES? Simply because they represent the hottest, newest, most exciting and most appreciated vacation opportunity. River Cruises are virtually a “sure-thing” if presented properly to the right clientele given the right set of circumstances. The fact that they are profitable is also a favorable element that should be mentioned.

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THE WINDOW OF “OPPORTUNITY.”  Like many ideas, trends, hot locations and popular itineraries, this huge opportunity will come and eventually go. Do you remember when Alaska created all the buzz? Now it is River Cruising, and it will get a lot more popular before it becomes yesterday’s trend-of-the-month. This represents a HUGE opportunity for you … right now.

THE STRATEGY.  The idea I have involves “education.” Because of the “newness,” and the investment involved, people are going to want all the facts before deciding whether this vacation is right for them. You, in turn, are going to invite interested parties to learn all the facts. Better yet, you are going to offer to come to their place of business, and in an entertaining 20-minute presentation, set the stage before addressing ALL of their questions.

RIVER CRUISING IN A BOX.  We know you are busy, and we know in addition to selling River Cruises you have a lot on your plate. That is why we are going to make this a virtual “turn-key” program. Everything you will need will be at your finger tips. Click on the links found on the top and bottom of every page and read, listen, click and internalize what I am teaching you. The entire strategy will be yours to personalize … to edit as your own … and to fit your personality and your individual time constraints.

Tell me that you choose not to try this strategy if you feel it is not for you. But please do not tell me you “can’t” do it, since everything you will need is provided for you. And by the way, if you do try it, you will soon experience the joys associated with building your business by design. If you can lick a stamp, then you can implement this strategy.

Listed below are the elements needed to become famliar with selling River Cruises.