Inner Circle Explanation


you took a trip. You liked it. You took another, and perhaps one or two more. You decided that you could really get into this “travel thing.” You believed in it. You wanted to share your enthusiasm with others. You thought it is high time you do what “floats your boat.” You entered the world of travel.

You took a FAM or two and studied a number of supplier’s accreditation programs. You even earned your CTC from The Travel Institute. You started working towards CLIA’s accreditation.

You managed to acquire a client or two and life appeared grand. It was unfolding just as you had imagined. And then it hit you. The phone stopped ringing. Your inbox was just filling up with SPAM. Nobody was finding your website. No action. No plan. And all of a sudden your future looked anything but bright. The calls you did get all sounded the same, “Isn’t there anything cheaper? I can get it at COSTCO cheaper.”

Where did you go wrong? You ask yourself, “Why are other agents doing so much better than me? Why don’t more people appreciate my professionalism and respect me for the work I do? This is not what I had in mind.”

Among a few other possibilities, the primary issue my friend is that you have been thinking that you are in the “Travel Business.” You are not. The truth has always been that you are in the ”Marketing Business.” I realize this will be a hard pill for many of you to swallow. But as soon as you come to terms with this indisputable fact, the sooner you will be putting that bounce back in your step. You are in the “Marketing Business.”

And here it comes: I can help you focus on marketing with targeted results leading to a more enjoyable and profitable travel business.

Among the most remembered advice I have shared with travel professionals since I entered the industry back in 1984 (yes young people, I said 1984) was the FACT that you will come in contact with just two types of people: Those you can help … and the other kind. Two types. That’s it. Period. End of sentence.

The same holds true with me. You fall into one of those two categories and I would be the last one to try to fast-talk you into anything. I also have no desire to hit you with testimonials, quotes, case studies and a bunch of mumbo-jumbo to try to get you to join my Inner Circle Sales & Marketing Club. That choice is entirely up to you.

Fact: Those who “try” the club, stay for a long time. They learn the nuances of marketing while building their business and they enjoy their career choice every day. That is all I am gong to share with you right now.

And all I’m asking you to do is to “try” it out for yourself. Try my Inner Circle Sales & Marketing Club for 30 days. You will be invited to two formal sales meetings while having full access to our Resource Library. You can watch and listen to over four years of recorded sales meetings. Within those 30 days you can email me with any question or concern you may be experiencing to ask for my unbiased opinion. All this for an investment in yourself of just $19.95.

Here is the bottom line: If you don’t test the waters you will never know if I can help you or not. If you do try me, you will know in short order if you made a good investment in your future. And you will arrive at an intelligent business decision for less than twenty bucks. TRY THE CLUB HERE.

I’m done. It is your move.